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Chef Rich Davis comes to the Cape Cod Central Railroad as our executive chef with a celebrated background in restaurant cuisine and management. He began his career graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. He worked as a Head Chef at Le Dome of the Four Seasons in Florida and was granted the Four Star award in consecutive years before coming to the Cape.

Chef Davis has developed a reputation for elevating food from mediocre to extraordinary with consistent results as critic’s reviews have shown. His menus demonstrate his creativity and attention to detail. A recent review summed it up nicely:  “Chef Rich is AMAZING! Watching him pull off a feast from scratch for over 200 people, while on a moving train, is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece”.

We are honored to have someone of Chef Davis’ talent and high standards on board the Cape Cod Central Railroad and hope you will join us on board for one of our dining trains this season.

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